SDG 2: Zero Hunger & Food Security

Lead Discussants

Mr. Jinesh Shah
    Founding Partner
   Omnivore Partners

Mr. Emmanuel Murray
    Senior Advisor, Market Development & Institution Building
   Caspian Impact Investment Advisers Ltd.(Sector Expert)

Mr. Mukesh Sharma
    Co-founder & Managing Director
   Menterra Ventures Advisors

Mr. Hemendra Mathur
    Venture Partner
   Bharat Innovation Fund

Ms. Ritu Verma
    Co-founder, Managing Partner
  Ankur Capital

Mr. Sachin Hirani
    Regional Manager - Asia, ECA, Pacific, MIX
  (Sector Expert)

SDG 2 : Zero Hunger and Food Security

Agriculture is directly linked to 6 of the SDGs established by the UN and has a strong bearing on both livelihoods and the economy. Despite contributing over 40% of the employment in the country, the sector only contributes to ~17% of the economy. This sector track (and report) attempts to understand the perspectives of the two key stakeholders – the farmers and the consumers. The working group assembled for this track encompasses stakeholders from across the sector including policymakers, financiers and industry practitioners. It will look at the constraints, challenges and opportunities in the sector as is, and attempt to emerge with working recommendations for the various players in the investment eco-system – start-ups, funders and policy-makers.