SDG 4: Quality Education &
SDG 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth

Lead Discussants

Mr. Abhijeet Nath
    Country Director,Insitor

Mr. Akshay Saxena
    Executive DirectorCo-founder, Avanti Fellows
  (Sector Expert)

Mr. Arshan Vakil
    Co-founder, King's Learning
  (Sector Expert)

Ms. Namita Dalmia
  Omidyar Network

Mr. Pulkit Jain
   Co-founder, Vedantu
   (Sector Expert)

Ms. Ragini Chaudhary
    Chief Executive Officer
  Gray Matters Capital

Mr. Vikas Verma
  Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

Mr. Vivek Kathpalia​​
    Leader, Nishith Desai Associates
  (Sector Expert)

SDG 4 : Quality Education ; SDG 8: Decent work and Economic growth

Empirical studies in the past have indicated a strong correlation between economic and social empowerment of women and bridging the gap in gender inequality. In developed countries, gender equality is primarily associated with institutionalizing certain practices and policies in place. However, the issue surrounding gender equality in India and other developing countries are more deep-rooted with a need for a shift in the mindset of society. While the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) made a start through the MDG 3 in addressing gender inequality, this was limited with only one target of elimination of gender disparity in primary, secondary and tertiary education. As the MDGs make way for the SDGs, the session will explore the impact of SDG 5 so far, critical elements towards ensuring actual equality, the role of different stakeholders, innovative products in the market that address the issues at hand and recommendations that will create an ecosystem that enables easy adoption of the SDG on gender equality.