SDG 6: Clean Water

Lead Discussants

Mr. Divyang Waghela
  Tata Water Mission

Ms. Janavi Papriwal
    Investment Manager

Mr. Mark Peters
    Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Team Lead

Mr. Shashank Awasthi
   Co-Founder & India Advisor
  Gray Ghost Ventures

Mr. Vineeth Menon
   Associate Vice President, Intellecap Advisory

Mr. V K Madhavan
    Chief Executive, WaterAid India
  (Sector Expert)

SDG 6 : Clean water and Sanitation

Join Aavishkaar- Intellecap group in an interactive session on finding the right business opportunities in water and sanitation sectors in India and debating on how to make the sector more attractive for investments. It is estimated that India loses more than $106 billion USD per year of its GDP (> 5% of total) due to inadequate sanitation. Promoting high impact enterprises and achieving good returns on investments made would require sustainable on-ground partnerships with multiple stakeholders.
This carefully curated dialogue will bring together representatives from various impact funds, DFIs, government, multilateral and bilateral organisations, intermediaries and UN Agencies.