SDG 7: Affordable & Clean Energy

Lead Discussants

Mr. Avishek Gupta
    Head of Business, Caspian Impact Investments

Mr. Jayant Prasad
    Director, cKers Finance
   (Sector Expert)

Mr. Karel Neirop
    Fund Manager, Hivos - Triodos Fund,
   Triodos Investment Management

Ms. Moutushi Sengupta
   Director - India
   MacArthur Foundation

Mr. Shyam Menon
  Infuse Venture, Bharat Innovation Fund

SDG 7 : Affordable and clean energy

Join Caspian in discussing: Are we taking SDG 7 seriously?
While India has seen significant investments in large utility scale renewable energy projects in the recent years, companies/projects, seeking smaller amount of capital upto USD 10 Mn, in the Distributed Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy based Products have found it difficult to attract capital. What is stopping investors in this segment? Is it an issue of misplaced investor expectations or regulation or lack of available investment opportunities? The discussion will focus on the challenges and also on recommendations for investors to channel investments for SDG 7 related investments in India.