SDG 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

Lead Discussants

Mr. Ajit Pai
    Consultant, NITI Aayog
  (Sector Expert)

Mr. Arun Gorey
    President & Chief Executive Officer
   Gray Ghost Ventures (Sector Expert)

Mr. Bharat Vishwerwariah
    Director Investments
   Omidyar Network

Mr. Viraj Tyagi
   Chief Executive Officer
   eGovernments Foundation

Mr. Kunal Kumar
    Joint Secretary
  Ministry of​ Housing & Urban Affairs

Mr. Vikram Gandhi​
    Founder, Asha Impact Professor
  Harvard Business School

Mr. Srikanth Vishwanathan​​
    Chief Executive Officer, Janaagraha
  (Sector Experts)

Mr. Shekar Prabhakar​​
    Co-founder & Managing Director
  Hasiru Dala Innovations
(Sector Expert)

Mr. Robert Dunn
    Global Executive Director
  Opportunity International)

Mr. Sandeep Patel​​
    Chief Executive Officer, NEPRA
  (Sector Experts)

Mr. Vignesh Nandakumar​​

SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities

India is one of the most rapidly urbanizing developing nations with the growth of urban population estimated to be 40% by 2030. Traditional models of city development can lead to an increase in slums and congestion, urban sprawl, and inefficient resource use. However, compact, connected, and well-planned growth can help ensure more competitive cities, and provide a better quality of life for citizens. Some of the key challenges that cities face today are inadequate provision of affordable housing, water and sanitation, electricity, rising poverty and crime, growing landfills, lack of infrastructure and poor mobility. Underlying most, if not all these challenges is a weak governance system and poor urban planning? To ensure that we build cities that are safe, resilient, inclusive and sustainable will require collaboration from all stakeholders – government, businesses, entrepreneurs, citizens and civil society organizations.
In this session, we will look closely at some key constituents of sustainable cities - affordable housing, waste management and good governance – to identify scalable business models, policy levers to encourage private sector involvement, and ways to mobilize private capital to scale effective solutions.