Impact Measurement

Lead Discussants

Aviral Jain
    Managing Director
  Duff & Phelps

Dr. Emily Gustaffson
    Ph.D, Fellow, Global Economy & Development

Mr. Michael Etzel
   The Bridgespan Group

Ms. Richa Bajpai

Mr. Timothy Yoon​
    Candidate - MBA (Class of 2019) Fuqua Business School, Duke University
  (Sector Expert)

Ms. Ushnisha Gosh​
    Lean Data Manager, Acumen

Impact Measurement

Myths and Realities of Impact Management for Social Businesses, Foundations and Impact Investors

The session will focus on hearing from different practitioners and academicians in the sector on some of the following myths (Indicative) regarding Impact Measurement and management. The idea will be to bring to life, ideas which have worked, share some interesting progress on the Measurement and Management side both from an India and global perspective and learn more about data which has the potential to change the sector.

Myths or Reality (Indicative):

  • Impact and business/operational insights are mutually exclusive
  • Impact Management is very expensive
  • Investors/ Funders decide what Impact is, not the investees/ grantees
  • Frameworks are more important, than underlying metrics and the data